Saturday, September 18, 2010

Harman Debunks Youthful Music Myths

Robert Archer, a writer at CEPro magazine has written a nice article called "Harman Debunks Youthful Music Myths." The article is based on an interview he did with me a couple of weeks ago, and summarizes some recent Harman research on Generation Y's sound quality preferences for different digital music file formats (MP3 versus CD) and loudspeakers. The details of the preliminary research were first reported back in June in a blog posting, "Some New Evidence that Generation Y May Prefer Accurate Sound Reproduction."

The early results of that research suggest that today's youth prefer higher quality music formats and accurate loudspeakers when given the opportunity to A/B them under controlled, double-blind listening conditions. While it is refreshing news that good sound is not lost on today's youth, the challenge is to figure out how to market and sell it to them.

Unfortunately, good A/B audio demonstrations are becoming nearly extinct. Internet and Big Box store sales of audio equipment and music generally don't provide such listening opportunities. In the end, consumer education, meaningful audio specifications and measurements that are indicative of a product's true sound quality, and accurate, unbiased product reviews, will help consumers make more informed audio and music purchase decisions as they relate to sound quality. Until then, most consumers will never know for sure whether or not they've purchased something that is truly "good enough."

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  1. Is there any plans to make this program an app for iPhone ? Or ipad?