Thursday, April 21, 2011

Topics Related to Perception and Measurement of Reproduced Sound

On Tuesday, April 26th 2011, I will be giving a presentation at the meeting of the Los Angeles AES Chapter on several topics related to recent audio research at Harman International. The topics include:

I've briefly discussed these topics in Audio Musings over the past few months, and you can find summaries of them by clicking on the links above. I'll be giving an update on new findings, and briefly touch on topics not mentioned above. As a door prize, Harman will donate a free copy of Dr. Floyd Toole's book Sound Reproduction (shown on the right side bar) autographed by the author of the book.

AES members and nonmember guests are welcome to attend. The meeting will be held at the Sportmen's Lodge in Studio City. More details can be found at the Los Angeles AES website.


  1. Heard, and very much enjoyed, your talk last night. It was informative and entertaining. However, I couldn't find the cookies anywhere.

    Jeff Candy

  2. Jeff,
    Thanks. Glad you enjoyed my talk. We only give cookies to trained listeners. If you download the listener training software @ and get to level 8 I will send you some cookies :)


  3. I was the asian guy with a cap!

    Just wished I was an AES member as well, Dr.Toole's autograph was just too good to be true! And the presentation was great- too bad I had to leave early due to my personal business.

  4. Dr Sean Olive
    Hi my name is Valentín Rivero from Mexico City.
    I have been reading your work and Dr. Floyds book and papers and I thank you for your Blog.
    I actually write once a month on a hifi magazine

    Next month I am planning to write about the circle of confusion and why is it so important that mixing engineers use good monitors for the translation to lesser systems. I have your AES papers and some other references. But I was wondering if there is a paper on the measurements of frequency response of main consumer products just like the ones Dr. Floyd Toole refers to in page 21 of Sound Reproduction .
    I will close the article by stating that the solution is having both speakers the same objectives we will get closer to what the creative process intended.

    Did you ever average the iPod docks that where in the listening test paper. Do you have some graphs you could share?

    Hope you can refer me to some interesting papers


    Valentín Rivero
    Arquitectura Aural